How to Change a Wrist Watch Strap

How to Change a Wrist Watch Strap 

Now I will teach you, how to change a watch strap from a stock (original) strap.  

It is very simple and requires only a tool which has a sharp edge. 

Examples of tools ranked from least user firendly, to most user friendly.

User Friendlyness:

  • Knife: LEAST 
  • Flat screwdriver: ALRIGHT
  • Springbar Tool: BEST

Knife, flat screwdriver and springbar tool 


Step 1: Locate the Springbar 

The watch strap is held to the watch with a springbar. This springbar has a small spring inside it, which makes it capable of compressing into the watch case.

Springbar removal

Springbar is compressed within the watchcase

Springbar remove

Springbar and hole for springbar in the watchcase 


Step 2: Press the Springbar flange 

The springbar has a small flange, sometimes a double flange on each side. This illustrated springbar has a double flange on one side only (right side).


Double flange on the right side

Press the springbar flange in the arrows direction and remove it from the watchcase. 


Step 3: Put both Springbars back into the Case

When both springbars are removed, you simply put them back into the watchcase again, by applying pressure on each flange. 

Both springbars back in place 


Step 4: Attach your Preferred Strap 

When both springbars are back in the case, you will be ready to attach your NATO strap

Left: NATO strap; Right: Stock strap 

NATO Strap Attaching:


Insert the long end of the strap under the upper springbar

Insert the long end under the lower springbar

Insert the long end into the shorter end´s metal loop 



You have now hopefully learned how to remove the old strap and attached a new NATO strap onto your watch.! 

As for tools to use, I recommend using a springbar tool, as it is specifically designed for that job and your risk of scratching your watchcase is much lower. 

Happy strap changing! 





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