How To Wear a NATO Strap

A NATO strap can be worn a couple different ways.

As the strap was meant to be longer and have a small excess fabric, once you have tightened it againt your wrist.  

The strap was, as mentioned in earlier blogs- What is a NATO Watch Strap?, produced for military use and having a "one size fits all" -strap was one of the goals. 

What this means for you, is that if your wrist is tiny as a stick or thick like a log, you either tuck your excess strap in, or leave it hanging in the last hole. 

Keep in mind this list is NOT an extensive list of all the creative ways you can wear your NATO Strap.

It is meant as a guide and hopefully YOU can find even more ways to tuck-or untuck your strap.

 5 Ways to Wear a NATO Strap: 

1. The regular tuck (my personal favorite).

How to wear a nato strap

2. The reverse regular tuck. 


3. The Thick as a Log tuck (no tuck needed-limits have been reached).

4. The Double reverse regular tuck 


5. The Just Because you can tuck. 



Hopefully you now have a better understanding of different ways to wear your NATO Strap.

If you have any comments please leave them below, or just smile and get into the routine of using the regular tuck... It works and after a lot of use, your strap will almost only allow you to use that tuck. 







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