What is a NATO Watch Strap? | NATO Watch band History

NATO Straps

Nato... UN.. Military.. Soldiers... WAR.!

This might be your thoughtpattern, when you hear the term NATO Strap. 

Besides from being an extremely versatile and interchangeable watch strap, the humble beginnings of theese types of watch bands, comes from millitary innovation. 

So your thinking was quite accurate, but has nothing to do with Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), which was formed in 1949 after the Cold War..  

What is a NATO Strap?

The watch band comes from an innovation made for the British Ministry of Defence (MOD), which later ended up being a product used by watch enthusiats, fashion people and the everyday person, who prefer a non-pinching and non-sweating strap. 

The military needed a strap which was sturdy, secure and could handle a springbar failure. This was made possible by using a one length nylon strap, which wrapped underneath the watch case twice. 

Green NATO Watch Band 

NATO strap showing double wrap under watch case

Green NATO Strap 


Springbar failure 

NATO strap keeps holding on, eventhough springbar falls off 

The British military issued this watch band to their troops, where the abbreviation was derived from NATO Stocking Number (NSN). 

Hence the name "NATO Strap" or also known as "G10"-which was an abbreviation from a form the troops had to fill (called G1098), in order to get their hands on this practical watch strap. 

So it´s name basically comes from a stocking number and an abbreviation from a military ordering form. 

But made for usage, were reliability and sturdiness was a top priority. 

Why Would YOU Care? 

I know you probably aren´t a soldier, having to to rely on your watch for timing bomb attacks. 

BUT there might be a little secret agent hidden inside of you, like Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, who both has made the NATO Strap iconic, by wearing them in James Bond movies. 


Sean Connery in "Goldfinger" (Photo by: https://onemansstyle.wordpress.com/tag/sean-connery/)

And other big benefits, wearing NATO straps:

  •  It´s cheap price (under $16)
  • You don´t stink during summer (unlike metal and leather bracelets)
  • You can wear them with almost any watch (James Bond wears a Rolex)
  • Compliments your outfit


One Last Thing 

If you decide to get one or two NATO Straps, ordering them here on this site, you also help Plant 10 Trees in collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects (scroll down to find Strap Change listed as a partner). 




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